Our company began from a need to support our caregivers with medical professional liability (MPL) insurance products that protect them from the risks inherent in their practice. At the time, MPL companies faced unprecedented challenges, and many were dropping coverage or simply exiting the business, leaving caregivers without insurance. Insurers faced a softening market, increasing expenses, consolidation of physician-owned companies, and a level of change unheard of in the history of health care. These pressures reduced their profitability and threatened their core business.

This ultimately led to the creation of Constellation and the addition of solutions that go “beyond insurance.” By forming partnerships with other MPL insurance companies and adding solutions that set our insurance brands apart from the competition, we’re able to attain the stability and scale to better provide services and support critical to our policyholders.

Our solutions help customers reduce risk and support their care teams—because we believe that what’s good for care teams is good for business.

A brief look at our history


All commercial “for profit” insurance providers discontinue medical liability coverage in Utah. Subsequently, approximately 800 physicians across the state form an insurance exchange to provide liability coverage sensitive to the needs of its members. This is the beginning of UMIA (Utah Medical Insurance Association).


Minnesota Medical Insurance Exchange (MMIE), the precursor to Midwest Medical Insurance Company (MMIC), begins in response to the medical professional liability insurance (MPLI) crisis of the mid-1970s. At that time, MPLI was only available through commercial insurers. With rising premiums and shrinking availability, a concerned group of Minnesota physicians and the Minnesota Medical Association joins together to establish and fund a Minnesota-based, physician-owned MPLI company—MMIE.


MMIE becomes Midwest Medical Insurance Company (MMIC). MMIC receives its first A.M. Best rating, “B+.” The company is becoming a well-known and respected member of the MPLI community.


MMIC earns its first A.M. Best “A” rating.


Arkansas Mutual is founded, again out of the need to support physicians as other large carriers exit the state.


MMIC RRG, Inc. is created.


Constellation®, the holding company, is formed.

Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company joins with MMIC and UMIA. Arkansas Mutual also receives “A” rating from A.M. Best.


UMIA receives “A” rating from A.M. Best.


InsureCAREteams™ is formed to provide digital delivery of MPL insurance to dentists.

The Constellation Aligned Performance Initiative (CAPI) launches, welcoming the Baldrige organization as its first strategic collaborator.