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Constellation Aligned Performance Initiative (CAPI)

When was the last time you talked to your medical professional liability insurance (MPLI) provider about what really matters to your organization? The Constellation Aligned Performance Initiative (CAPI) is the first of its kind to connect an organization’s performance measurements to MPLI risk.

A new conversation

Most health systems, hospitals and clinics use a dashboard to track clinical and non-clinical measures of performance—metrics representing the efforts and initiatives an organization is currently hard at work on. We want to talk with you about these efforts and performance goals. This new kind of conversation and partnership enables our risk management, underwriting and business team members to support your progress and acknowledge your results in our underwriting judgment.

How it works

The CAPI program doesn’t replace the fundamentals of underwriting. Rather, it creates an opportunity to factor in your performance measurements. When you share your dashboard with us, we learn what matters to your organization. We can align your key initiatives and performance outcomes with our ability to determine premiums and, along with other underwriting criteria, we’ll provide a comprehensive snapshot of cost and coverages.

Why CAPI, and why now?

An organization’s goals carry financial implications and affect your reputation. The business of health care requires a close watch on performance results. Clinical quality, patient satisfaction, overall reputation and physician engagement—to name a few—impact your bottom line.

Our team members will work closely with you to align your goals across some of these areas:

  • Continuity of care
  • Value-based physician compensation models
  • Quality initiatives
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Clinician turnover

We created CAPI for current and prospective insured health care and senior living customers so that, as you strive to improve your performance goals, business outcomes and quality of care within the communities you serve, your efforts are supported by your MPLI carrier.

Baldrige and CAPI

We are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program®, the Baldrige Foundation and the Alliance for Performance Excellence, which have a common mission of defining, recognizing and fostering excellence in health care, education, business, government and nonprofits. Since 1988, the Baldrige Award, which carries the presidential seal, has been the highest recognition in the nation for excellence across the critical performance areas of the Baldrige criteria found in the Baldrige Excellence Framework®.

CAPI is designed for both Baldrige participants and non-Baldrige participants. The goal of our collaboration with Baldrige is to help you reduce risk and improve clinical and nonclinical outcomes.